Mentor Enrichment Training Course



Please note: This program was formerly called CETC or Counselor Enrichment Training Course. It is the same material–only the term “counselor” has been changed to “mentor”.

This training program is an excellent course for all mentors, though not required.  It may be taken at home and at your own pace, and will assist with some of the unique challenges ministering to girls present today.  The manual ($20 plus shipping & handling) includes six sections:

  • A Girls Club Mentor . . .    Models
  • A Girls Club Mentor . . .    Mentors
  •  A Girls Club Mentor . . .   Motivates
  •  A Girls Club Mentor . . .    Maintains
  • A Girls Club Mentor . . .     Monitors
  • A Girls Club Mentor . . .     Ministers

The METC program contains a Bible study, scripture worksheets, and current information to train our Girls Clubs mentors.  Each notebook will serve as an excellent resource guide for mentors.  This manual continues to include vital church and club histories, as well as age group characteristics.  All four clubs will use the same training course, preparing mentors for working with any group. Also available in Spanish.

To order: 1-800-553-8506,