The International Department of Women’s Ministries had a passion and vision to minister to and train young women as the scripture admonishes in Titus 2:3-5. Because of this vision, Young Ladies Ministries (YLM) was created in 1969. As YLM grew, so did its scope to effectively reach younger girls through a clubs format:  Joy Belles (1974), Bluebelles (1984) and Little Sweethearts (2002).
These clubs are the result of lifetimes given by dedicated women who cared enough to share their time, energy and special abilities:  coordinators, mentors, prayer mothers, pastor’s wives and laywomen who have diligently worked to disciple girls for Christ.

International Girls Ministries strives to meet the increasing need and demand for relevant, Word-based materials under the direction of the International Youth and Discipleship Department. This club-based curricula (and more) is available to assist the local church in mentoring girls on their journey as Christ followers.


How to Begin Girls Ministries in your church:


Step 1

Review the following links:

Email Cathy Yaun: if you have a question.

Step 2

Consult with your pastor for assistance in establishing leadership, especially in selecting mentors.

Step 3

Involve your local Women’s Discipleship.  They may want to sponsor the club.

Step 4

Review and order the material.  Estimate the number of girls participating in each club and prepare an order form for curriculum and charters from the International Youth and Discipleship Department.  Submit for pastor’s approval. Material should be ordered at least one month in advance to make adequate preparations.

Step 5

Meet with Parents.  Encourage their support and cooperation.  Some may want to be prayer mothers.

Step 6

You are ready to begin!  Keep your clubs meetings fun and consistent!  Allow the girls plenty of time to share, and give individual attention to each one.  Remember, the curriculum exists only to help you minister more effectively!  Don’t forget to report to your state coordinator by the 5th of each month—report forms can be downloaded from this website.

Step 7

Register your charter online here.