Cathy and I are honored to serve as your State Youth and Discipleship Directors.  Discipleship is a mandate given to each of us from Christ himself (Matthew 28:19), so cultivating Christ followers is our heartbeat and our mission.  To accomplish this goal, we ask that you, as youth and children’s leaders, will partner with us in this HIGH calling.  Your service and sacrifice have eternal rewards, and we are blessed to be a part of your team in the great state of Tennessee.

As God creates ministry moments in the lives of your young people, please be sure to share video clips, testimonies, or articles and keep us informed!  If you have anything you would like to share please submit it to Kathryn Guyselman. You can find her contact information here.

Brian K. Yaun, State Director


Upcoming Opportunities

  • YWEA 2014

    YWEA 2014: Igniting the Firewall YWEA 2014 seeks to Ignite the initial phase of the joint venture between World Missions & Men & Women of Action’s African Firewall that will stretch across the continent of Africa. The African Firewall is a project of Marcelly’s Dream and hopes to enlarge the Kingdom of God by establishing [...]