Little Sweethearts

(Preschool Age 3-5)

Scripture: “I am…wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14 NKJV

Pledge:  As a Little Sweetheart, I will do my best to learn God’s Word.

Motto:  I’m Special to God!

Flower:   Sweetheart Rose represents fervent enthusiasm.

Colors:  Lilac, Rose, White


You will need to purchase one copy of  Year One: The Bible From A to Z ($50.00). Reproducibles in the book may be copied for students. Students will need a poster and sticker set ($3.00 for each child). You can also charter your club and receive membership cards for free. Go to the Resources tab, Chartering. This is what you need to begin.

In addition to the curriculum, Merit Studies are individual studies that can be used at any time so the students can earn badges. Order from the online store or call Pathway Press 1-800-553-8506.


Year One:  The Bible From A-Z
Year Two:  Gardens, Gifts and Giggles
Year Three:  Miracles, Manners & Music
Price: $50.00 per year


Curriculum Design

The Little Sweethearts curriculum is a three-year achievement series for preschool girls.  The individual chapters are created with the understanding that children between the ages of three and five rely heavily on all five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) to learn. The program is based on twenty-six chapters which are created to be expanded or repeated to cover a twelve-month period. Each lesson is divided into small sections, such as class time, worship time, snack time, and activity time. The curriculum is designed to be purchased for the mentor. We have included a reproducible handout and as many copies as needed can be made to provide a most cost-effective program.

There is a poster and sticker set available to purchase for each student. After the completion of each chapter the child is allowed to place a sticker corresponding with lesson on the poster. At the end of each year, a completion badge is available and may be presented to each child.

Year One: The Bible From A-Z utilizes the alphabet to teach biblical principles. For example, “A—Apple” teaches food is important for the body just as God’s Word is important for the soul. “B—Butterfly” introduces the concept that when we ask Jesus to forgive our sins, we are a new creation. “C—Church” shows the importance of attending church.

Year Two: Gardens, Gifts and Giggles relates gardening to teach the message of salvation; gifts of God which focus on love, eternal life, family and friends; and giggles (joy) to introduce children to the basics of a good, positive attitude.

Year Three: Miracles, Manners & Music introduces children to the concept that Jesus performed miracles and still continues to do so today; teaches the importance of respect for others; and helps children develop new skills and enhance their imagination through listening to music.

Merit Studies ($7.00 Including Badge)



Community Caregivers


Bearing Fabulous Fruit

Your Grace      

 Daughters of the King

The Wish Your Heart Your Heart Makes (Leader’s Guide)

Merit studies are also available for the Bluebelles group and can be ordered by visiting or by calling Pathway Press 1-800-553-8506.