Welcome to the Church of God TEEN GIRLS BOOK CLUB Study Portal.

You are among an elite group of women who are committed to being the best God has called them to be. The Church of God believes in you and the validity of being a woman of God. Therefore, we have created a program of study for you. You can complete this either as an individual study or as part of a group study. It is a way for you to grow and develop into a woman of maturity by using the Bible, books, online resources, and church leaders (both locally and globally.)


What do I need to get started?  

For this Book Club, we currently have eight books that can be ordered from Pathway Press ( or 800-553-8506). The book will come with a passcode that will allow access to the book’s protected site.  The studies may be done a a group study or individually. Girls are encouraged to keep a journal. The book “Sexy Girls: How Hot is Too Hot?” by Haley DiMarco, is no longer being  printed. You may find copies available on Amazon, however, it is available digitally from Amazon (Kindle) and ebook ( This study is accessible without a passcode so you can see how the studies are set up. Just click on the book cover, “Sexy Girls” and the study questions will come up as well as the project proposal.  Please feel free to use!

As you choose your Bible Study, there are things to consider:

  • Each chapter will have its own set of discussion questions so you’ll need to keep a notebook or folder just for this Bible Study. It helps to journal your thoughts and feelings.
  • Although there is not a curriculum, so to speak, there are nuggets of truth that you may want to keep in your notebook. We encourage you to answer the questions yourself, but also use them as spring boards for conversation with friends, family, and other women.  Seek Godly counsel and write it down.
  • At the end of your study, come back to this page and click on the book you read below and begin the project proposal. You can select one project from the  two or three listed and take what you have learned and apply it and present it. Once you have finished your project, an online form is provided for you to complete and submit. This will go to the International Girls Ministries inbox and be posted on a community board.
  • Note to Parents:  Please be aware that some of the books such as “Every Young Woman’s Battle”, “Sexy Girls”, and “And the Bride Wore White” addresses detailed terminology, issues, and real-life accounts related to a young woman’s sexuality.  Since students are blatantly confronted with images and discourse through media and at school that contradict our Biblical values, they must be equipped to counter the world’s view of sex with Biblical power.  Please take time to discuss these matters with your daughter as she completes the study.

If you need a journal, you can order one by going to this link:

You are embarking on a journey toward maturity. Keep that in mind. Journeys don’t just happen.  It takes planning and patience. Commit yourself to becoming the woman God wants you to be, not just completing a program.  Communicate with other girls who are doing the Bible study. Check out the study blogs and community boards. You are not alone on this journey!


Project Proposals